Brief history of the West Percy

Many packs covered the Coquetdale and surrounding area in the early days, such as the Tosson Hounds kept by the Donkin family. From about 1850 a variety of packs operated under the direction of such local dignitaries as the Selby family of Biddlestone Hall, Major Browne of Doxford Hall, Mr Fenwick-Clennell of Harbottle Castle and Fenwick of Dancing  Hall. The forerunner of the West Percy Hunt was established in 1897 by Mr Clennell as the Coquetdale Hunt. This however was disbanded in 1917 due to the Great  War.


The Hunt was revived as the West Percy in 1919 with support from Duke of Northumberland who provided 10 couples as a nucleus for the new pack. Hunting thrived, particularly under the auspices of Capt. Maurice Ropner who took over the hounds in 1935 and hunted them for 10 seasons, including during the Second World War, until his unfortunate death in action in1945. He showed exceptionally good sport and bred up a fine working pack full of Percy blood. Mastership passed to Col. Vining of Trewhitt Hall in 1946 who was joined by Capt. Carr-Ellison of Hedgeley Hall in 1950. The current modern pack still benefits from the patronage of the Carr-Ellison family as the kennels are located on their estate at Beanley.





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